The tailor-made catering

On board catering

F&B offers adapted
to today's modes of transportation

On land, at sea or in the air, we help catering professionals develop an offer that integrates the sector's inherent constraints.

Our services

To transform each project into a unique experience,
we offer our clients tailor-made services and personalized follow-up
according to their constraints and their needs.

Sea catering

Catering aboard ships has several constraints: cruises at sea for many days, food provision in many countries, pitching ship, production spaces and reduced storage... Cruise companies must, despite these constraints, offer an extensive selection of food as good as on land to stand out from the competition.

Airline catering

The airline industry is a sector in permanent growth where catering can represent a lever of differentiation. However, airlines keep minimizing costs in order to offer flights at increasingly attractive prices. It is essential to rationalize costs and optimize catering logistics to meet the requirements.

Railway catering

Supply management is complex and requires the implementation of innovative solutions for inventory management. To attract more customers, the quality of the dishes served must be of absolute quality.

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