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Healthier food in collective catering


The major food issues nowadays do not only affect commercial catering. As the majority of lunches are consumed on work places, Arpège wanted to redefine the main pillars of its offer with DUCASSE Conseil, to offer healthy and sustainable dishes.


Our mission

With its quality culinary offers, Arpège, leader in premium corporate catering and a subsidiary of Elior, asked DUCASSE Conseil in 2016 to renew and develop its catering offerings. In 2019, our chefs and consultants assisted the team in developing a healthy and sustainable catering offer. In total, since the beginning of the collaboration, nearly 270 chefs have been trained by DUCASSE Conseil and 100 recipes have been created.

  • Institutional catering
  • France
  • 2016 - 2019
  • Menu renewal
    Team training
    Creation of the Executive Clubs' offer

Our approach

Creation of vegetal and seasonal recipes

In accordance with predefined specifications, DUCASSE Conseil has created 32 recipes for vegetal dishes (8 recipes per season) combining cereals, vegetables and legumes. Once the dishes validated, DUCASSE Conseil assisted Arpège in the creation of "Step by Step" recipes; recipes allowing any Arpège chef to make these recipes without difficulty thanks to illustrations of the main steps

Chef training

Thanks to a pedagogical guide for the kitchen staff covering the main culinary practices and fundamentals, we organized training sessions to train about 100 chefs per year.

Creation of the Executive Clubs’ offer

In order to create a specific offer for Executive Clubs, DUCASSE Conseil has created fifty illustrated recipes to deploy this offer on new sites.

Our proposition


recipes created. 100% vegetal guaranteed, healthy and sustainable


chefs trained in 2019


Mind-distracting food for the elderly

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