The tailor-made catering

Café Pouchkine

A Russian atmosphere in the centre of Paris

Café Pouchkine

Café Pouchkine, created in 1999, subtly combines Russian and French gastronomy. It has imposed its own style and vision as a Moscow institution in the French capital. Sharing the same vision of excellence as DUCASSE Conseil, Café Pouchkine asked us for support in the creation of part of its menu for its new Parisian flagship, which opened in November 2017.

Café Pouchkine

Our mission

Contacted by Cafe Pouchkine's management teams, our experts had the pleasure of working on the creation of a food offer for their new Parisian flagship.

  • Commercial catering
  • Paris, France
  • 2017
  • Support in restaurant creation
    Team training

Our approach

Understanding the needs and the environment

To better focus on the future customers' specific expectations, our team has carried out a benchmark of similar concepts as well as an analysis of the existing Cafés Pouchkine.

Creation of the food offer

In accordance with the pre-established specifications in conjunction with Café Pouchkine, our Chefs have created 80 recipes with Russian influence as well as seasonal dishes. All these recipes have been tested and validated before being offered on the menu.

On-site support to the implementation of the offer

This step was intended to develop the concept on site (equipment, products) and train the teams in the execution of the new culinary offer.

Our proposition


recipes with Russian influence

A few examples

Cep and crayfish tart, "Mimosa" herring millefeuille, Sturgeon in a delicate jelly and French caviar, Salmon blini Club.

The menu has been thought and established with a high aesthetic and taste requirement. It was designed as the building's centerpiece, unless the building was designed for it : at the Café Pouchkine, decoration and cuisine are harmoniously and beautifully inseparable.

Andreï Dellos

Founder of Café Pouchkine

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