The tailor-made catering

Chef Rouge

A Parisian restaurant in the heart of São Paulo

Chef Rouge

DUCASSE Conseil has been entrusted with the task of analyzing the F&B offer of a French restaurant in São Paulo and making adjustments to it, both in kitchen and in service

Chef Rouge

Our mission

Organization in the kitchen, service delivery, supplies, cost reduction: all the competitiveness indicators of the restaurant were reviewed. And the restaurant won the award of best French restaurant in the city!



  • Commercial catering
  • São Paulo, Brésil
  • Since January 2018
  • F&B offer optimization
    Economic and operational performance
    Team training

Our approach

Site visit and meeting with the suppliers

A chef and a consultant travelled to São Paulo in January 2018 to visit the premises, meet the producers, know more about the supply constraints and identify the areas of performance improvement.

Optimization of the kitchen organization

For a week, a chef DUCASSE Conseil assisted to services in the kitchen, alongside the chef of the restaurant. He was able to advise him on the organization of the stocks, the service itself, the optimization of the brigade's working time and the mutualisation of orders with the different suppliers.

Financial performance optimization

The consultant was able to analyze the key figures of the restaurant (payroll, prime costs, overheads) and set up, alongside the owner, a cost optimization strategy to improve the competitiveness of the restaurant.

Team training

The chef was trained in Paris to innovative culinary techniques (vacuum cooking in particular) and modern and original dressing techniques. The service and kitchen teams were then trained in Brazil to improve the general service delivery.

Quality follow-up

Ducasse Conseil performs regular quality monitoring to ensure the regularity of the service and compliance with the given recommendations.

Our impact


increase in average price


cost reduction


prize of best French restaurant in São Paulo

"We benefit from the expertise of an international group, which is used to support this type of restaurant abroad, and thanks to our partnership, we have been able to improve our competitiveness in a city where competitors are plentiful."

Rodrigo Fiuza

Owner and manager

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