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Elior North America

Culinary workshops for Elior chefs in the USA

Elior North America

In 2018, DUCASSE Conseil was commissioned by Elior North America to organize "Road Shows" in order to motivate, train chefs and provide them with a global vision of French cuisine. In 2019, Elior North America decided to call on DUCASSE Conseil again to organize culinary workshops for Elior chefs

Elior North America

Our mission

DUCASSE Conseil has been asked to organize culinary workshops based on culinary techniques and different types of cooking; sauces, soups, vegetable dishes, vacuum cooking, stewing....

  • Institutional catering
  • United-States
  • 2018-2019
  • Recipes' creation
    Culinary workshops

Our approach

Culinary workshops

Once the program and recipes had been created, the Chef Director of DUCASSE Conseil went to Cleveland (Ohio, United States) to set up and lead culinary workshops for 10 Elior North America Regional Chefs. Then, participants had the opportunity to visit the Culinary Vegetable Institute (a farm nearby) and to get supplies on fruits and vegetables. The Chef DUCASSE Conseil then shared our culinary philosophy throughout the day. At the end of the session, Elior chefs created a dessert of their own with the products at their disposal, respecting the philosophy and culinary techniques discussed during the workshop.

Recipes' creation

On the basis of predefined specifications with Elior North America's team, the DUCASSE Conseil project team was entrusted with the creation of the culinary workshop program as well as the creation of thirty recipes.

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