The tailor-made catering

La Pépinière du Goût by Elior

Improve the nutritional and quality taste quality of school meals

La Pépinière du Goût by Elior

As part of its partnership with ELIOR, the DUCASSE Conseil teams support the Education segment, with the aim of creating new culinary processes in central kitchens (5'000 to 50'000 daily meals), so that pupils from nursery to high school benefit from more tasty and nutritionally balanced meals

La Pépinière du Goût by Elior

Our mission

The DUCASSE Conseil team has been working since 2015 in the creation of new culinary processes applied to central kitchen production, new recipes to illustrate these processes as well as the training of production chefs in their successful execution.

  • Institutional catering
  • France
  • Since 2016
  • Creation of new culinary processes
    Recipe creation
    Team training

Our approach

Team training

The DUCASSE Conseil chef trained fifteen central kitchen production chefs in the application of these new processes: in our training center and in the 15 central kitchens across France.

Recipe creation

DUCASSE Conseil created many recipes based on the new culinary processes. These recipes, respecting a predefined food cost with the client, also had to be 100% applicable to central kitchen scales and methods.

Creation of new culinary processes

DUCASSE Conseil team created culinary processes for central kitchens (5'000 to 50'000 daily meals): homemade stocks, use of rice flour for hot sauces and juices, fish cooking with scented oils, and cooking of all the sautéed meats with an aromatic garnish.

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