The tailor-made catering


Discovery of nutrition in space


As space tourism is developing, DUCASSE Conseil collaborated with Orbite to familiarize the first space tourists with meals in space


Our mission

Orbite develops luxury space tourism and has mandated DUCASSE Conseil to share its expertise with CNES ( the French National Centre for Space Studies) during the first training seminar for space tourists.


  • On board catering
  • France
  • Since 2021
  • Table ronde
    Déjeuner de gala

Our approach

Lunch gala

DUCASSE Conseil cooked a lunch for 15 people in the hotel reserved for the Orbite seminar. The recipes of this menu were based on culinary creations made with CNES and adapted to the context of a seated lunch.


In order to share its expertise and its culinary achievements for space, DUCASSE Conseil participated in the round table with the main stakeholders of the mission with CNES.

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